Transform XP to Vista – FOR FREE!

18 01 2009



Don’t have the money to buy the full version of Windowblinds? Tired of seeing that blue tone of XP every single day of the week? Loathe your PC no longer.

I recently stumbled upon a website this morning which is giving away its VISTA TRANSFORMATION PACK for free. Yes, without the trials, malware, etc. Lucky for you guys, I’m sharing it. Read the rest of this entry »



18 01 2009


Whether you like it or not, sooner or later, you’re going to buy one yourself.

You certainly need one for your personal use and what better way to prep you up than to give 4 cautionary measures you need to consider when buying a PC:


Costs are an important consideration when buying a PC; the more money you have, the better. It’s common sense. If your budget fits with the PC of your choice, go for it. If not, you can wait a couple more months for the prices to lever down. That way, you get what you want without having the resentment of buying cheaper components. Read the rest of this entry »

NBA 2K9 – Basketball Redefined

18 01 2009


Kevin Garnett is NBA 2k9’s cover while Tony Parker ends up with NBA Live 09. By far, we’d have to go for the bigger and better choice.

Garnering a whopping 8.5/GREAT rating on IGN, the 2K franchise provides a solid steer towards redefinition of how PC and console basketball simulation games should look like.

If you have played, tested and contrasted EA’s NBA Live franchise to that of 2K Sports’NBA 2K franchise, you’d obviously recommend the latter to your friends.

NBA 2K9 has a far better engine compared to that of NBA Live 09. Stunning visuals, complex controls (in a good way), realistic commentaries, and several other goodies have made NBA 2K9 the choice of every PC Gamer out there.

Here are the hardcore features only NBA 2K9 delivers: Read the rest of this entry »

An Easy Way to Prevent USB Viruses

18 01 2009



Most computer shops don’t allow the usage of flash disks on their computers anymore. The reason: AUTOPLAY VIRUSES.

Most viruses/worms/trojans make their way onto your computer the very moment your USB gets recognized by the device manager. A simple autoplay text file triggers the breakout of these viruses onto your computer when you plug in your flash disk. Most of them are hard to filter out once they’ve breached in.

Not to worry, you can PREVENT it. It’s a simple trick, believe me.The method? Disable autoplay.

To disable autoplay, do the following: Read the rest of this entry »

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

18 01 2009

Good day, web-fanatics! 

As you can see, my first post clearly separates itself from what my blog is mostly about. But let’s face the fact that we all love Wolverine. And what better way to start the my blog than to feature the most celebrated southern-accent animal that ever walked the realms of the Comic World. He’s got sideburns, testosterone, and claws! An official uploaded HD (High-Definition) YouTubevideo shows the first trailer for this upcoming blockbuster hit.

And there’s loads of Marvel Universe heroes/anti-heroes here too; most of them being in the same Weapon-X experiment Logan signed up for. Here they are: Read the rest of this entry »