An Easy Way to Prevent USB Viruses

18 01 2009



Most computer shops don’t allow the usage of flash disks on their computers anymore. The reason: AUTOPLAY VIRUSES.

Most viruses/worms/trojans make their way onto your computer the very moment your USB gets recognized by the device manager. A simple autoplay text file triggers the breakout of these viruses onto your computer when you plug in your flash disk. Most of them are hard to filter out once they’ve breached in.

Not to worry, you can PREVENT it. It’s a simple trick, believe me.The method? Disable autoplay.

To disable autoplay, do the following:

1. Hit Run on the Start Menu

2. Type in gpedit.msc and hit ENTER

3. After doing that, a Group Policy window should appear.

4. On the left pane, look for an Administrative Templates tab and click on it. A menu should appear on the right pane afterwards.

5. Double-click on System.

6. You should now see a menu or array of items. On the lower portion of the pane, look for the item Turn off Autoplay.

7. Double-click the item and window should appear asking if you want to disable autoplay.

8. Choose Enable then apply.

9. Congratulations! You’ve just made a very useful tweak to prevent viruses from breaching your system again.




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