18 01 2009


Whether you like it or not, sooner or later, you’re going to buy one yourself.

You certainly need one for your personal use and what better way to prep you up than to give 4 cautionary measures you need to consider when buying a PC:


Costs are an important consideration when buying a PC; the more money you have, the better. It’s common sense. If your budget fits with the PC of your choice, go for it. If not, you can wait a couple more months for the prices to lever down. That way, you get what you want without having the resentment of buying cheaper components.


Adults want a fast PC; teenagers/junkies want a hardcore/gaming PC. My recommendation? Go for hardcore. Why? Because a PC with hardcore specs outdoes a typical PC. You shed out a couple of thousands of pesos on upgrading to a gaming PC, and you’re set for two years of lag-less fun. And besides, you want to play hardcore games too, right? Don’t settle for typical; go for advanced. In that way, do you not only impress yourself, but your friends as well.

3. LCD or CRT

LCD Monitors are slimmer and more environment-friendly than CRTs. The power-consumption of LCD Monitors is extremely low. The LCDs of today support High Definition graphics so you don’t have to worry about watching a blurry HD video on one. Switch to the better choice.


 Here’s a quick summary of my recommended “MINIMUM” specs. The rest is all yours to fill in. These will last you about two years of stable performance. Applications of today are resource-hungry so you better be a boyscout and take a note of these if you plan to buy a PC.


a.) Motherboard

-ASUS boards have proven to be durable

-Check if the motherboard supports the specifications below. You might buy a wrong one.

-Do remember, it all begins with the motherboard.

b.) Dual/Triple-core Processor

-Intel for optimum performance (expensive but reliable)

-AMD for price (solid performance, good price)

c.) 2 Gigabytes of DDR2 RAM

-RAM is cheap nowadays.

-Go for more RAM if you’re a multitasker.

d.) NVIDIA GeForce 8/9 Series Graphics Card

-A graphics accelerator is a crucial if you want to play high-resolution movies or games.

-Another brand choice would be ATI

e.) 500GB SATA Hard Disk

-Note that most programs and files nowadays are consuming a larger chunk of disk space.

-If you’re a pack rat, go for higher volumes of disk space.


There you go. Follow my tips and you’ll be set for stability. =D



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