X-Men Origins: Wolverine

18 01 2009

Good day, web-fanatics! 

As you can see, my first post clearly separates itself from what my blog is mostly about. But let’s face the fact that we all love Wolverine. And what better way to start the my blog than to feature the most celebrated southern-accent animal that ever walked the realms of the Comic World. He’s got sideburns, testosterone, and claws! An official uploaded HD (High-Definition) YouTubevideo shows the first trailer for this upcoming blockbuster hit.

And there’s loads of Marvel Universe heroes/anti-heroes here too; most of them being in the same Weapon-X experiment Logan signed up for. Here they are:


1. Deadpool

2. Agent Zero

3. Psylocke

4. The Blob

5. Weapon XI

6. Kestrel

7. Gambit

8. Emma Frost





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