Transform XP to Vista – FOR FREE!

18 01 2009



Don’t have the money to buy the full version of Windowblinds? Tired of seeing that blue tone of XP every single day of the week? Loathe your PC no longer.

I recently stumbled upon a website this morning which is giving away its VISTA TRANSFORMATION PACK for free. Yes, without the trials, malware, etc. Lucky for you guys, I’m sharing it.

In a matter of seconds, that dull-looking XP theme of yours will transform into a sleek-diversified look and functionality the same as VISTA’s. Share this with your friends. I’m sure they’ll find it cool.

Along with that, there’s another website giving away free XP skins (also without any trial or malware included). Choose the one you like.

See for yourself. Here are the websites :

Vista Transformation Pack 

Alienware Skins




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