About the Author


Hello there, fellas. My name’s ASD (no kidding). I’ve been an avid junkie of information through my years as a net surfer/gamer/blogger. I’m particularly interested with anything that’s related to Computers, Web-help, Gaming and TV Shows. Though this blog can wearily bring you down because of it’s lack of content, expect it to evolve through the months as a enticement to your needs. 

I’ll provide content about:

1. Anything related to computers (e.g. cool websites,  gaming, troubleshooting, warez  & all that).

2. TV Shows (Local/International).

3. Scandals (if there are any).

4. Books (those bearable enough to read).

5. Models (Only sophisticated ones make their stretch in this blog).

6. Clothes (The ones that you actually get to wear).

7. Bands (Local/Foreign).

8. And pretty much ANYTHING that draws the line between relaxation and superficial intellect.

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